Consider these key points before choosing your pair of socks

Throughout the day, happy socks get found between hot toes and restricted shoes. These are continually chafed and tugged when we move, then Happy Socks thrown in the washing machine, cleaned in (sometimes too) boiling water, and chucked within the tumble dryer, regardless of the proper care tips. The complete act is going to be repetitive just like a aggressive routine! So, how can we continue to offer higher-high quality socks?

Here is the skilled sock maker’s career. He warranties that the socks are of the best and can not sleep until he or she is completely pleased with all the results.


Acquire ideal longevity and quality, a strong yarn has to be weaved as tightly as is possible. CNC-operated knitting devices knit our socks completely, making sure very long-enduring, great-top quality socks. Socks are exposed to far more stress at the back heel and toe area than the other sock, for this reason thicker yarns are employed, or even the yarn is worked well frequently through the knitting approach.


For good quality, the length of the fibres within the dealt with yarn is essential. Peruvian Pima 100 % cotton has got the greatest fibres. Natural cotton is spun with many other fibres to create yarn. The greater number of lightweight the yarn, the better durable the material once stitched. This leads to the unrivalled quality of the socks, underwear, and T-tops.


Due to the fact we worth high quality, we produce all of our socks in Europe. Almost all are made in a herb in north Italy, with some originating in Poultry. The production director personally evaluates the color, material, and fit in our stockings regularly.


100 % cotton is of course beige, hence any textile that is certainly not beige is bleached or dyed. Colourfastness is a crucial high quality conditions for shaded textiles. Black color coloring features a propensity to turn greyish or fade soon. Only high-top quality colours will never bleed and can endure the everyday demands.