The Importance of Regular Bong Cleaning

If you’re a normal tobacco smoker, there’s a single piece of equipment you can’t go without your bong. Whether or not you prefer window, acrylic, or porcelain, your bong is important for air conditioning and filtering smoke cigarettes gravity bong prior to deciding to take in.

But as with all other smoking adornment, bongs need regular cleaning in order to avoid buildup and ensure best efficiency. Here are four motives you need to always remember to wash your bong.

Keeps the Flavor Fresh

Nobody likes the taste of stale light up, as well as a unclean bong is definitely the number-one root cause of off-adding types. Once the resin and other remains increase in your bong, it could impart a nasty flavor for your herb—regardless of methods great-high quality it might be. Cleaning up your bong frequently may help make certain you always enjoy the real flavoring of your own light up.

Removes Unwanted Organisms

Together with influencing flavor, residue in your bong may also harbour dangerous harmful bacteria. When normal water is placed within a bong for prolonged intervals, it might be the ideal reproduction terrain for a variety of microbes—some of that may be harmful to your overall health. Typical cleaning will help stop the expansion of bacteria and keep your smoking cigarettes expertise as secure as you possibly can.

Enhances Your Smokes Level of smoothness

Resin and other residues not merely impact taste, however they could also make smoke harsher and much more irritating to the tonsils and respiratory system. Cleansing your bong frequently will help make certain that every success is smooth and satisfying. As a result, understand how to clean a bong.

Improves Efficiency

A messy bong is surely an unproductive bong—plain and straightforward. Resin accumulation can restrict air flow and make it difficult to get a good struck from your dish. By keeping your bong clean, you’ll guarantee that every success is strong and satisfying.


As any standard tobacco user knows, a bong is a crucial machine. But what many smokers don’t recognize is bongs call for standard cleaning up to stop buildup and sustain optimum performance. Listed below are four reasons good reasons to always bear in mind to wash your bong: refreshing flavor, secure smoking, clean strikes, and improved performance. So the next time you grab your chosen bit, take a minute to give it an effective scrub—your lung area will thank you!